Image Clinics


IAC is supported by and supports the Quad-based pre-clinical HMS departments.
IAC currently does not have capacity to support the HMS affiliates, FAS or external institutions.


Image Clinics are consultations where we look at your data and discuss solutions to your image analysis needs.
Typically we talk for up to an hour and afterwards you will receive a short report.
Image Clinics are meant as a first contact that can later turn into a collaborative project—sometimes we can solve your problem on the spot, but usually, we simply provide you with pointers to software and methods that will enable you to proceed in the right direction.

How to

To request a consultation, please send an email with a few lines about your data, what you hope to do with it, and a link to your lab’s website—we will send you a booking link if relevant.


Please be ready to give (prepare slides/order thoughts)

  • A 2–3 min presentation of your research question
  • A 5–7 min presentation of your specific technical question covering what you have tried and what you would like to achieve.

Keep in mind that your interlocutor probably doesn’t have your specialization.
To present your problem: be brief, avoid jargon, and define a clear image analysis goal.


Please bring some representative example data, even if not your own.

Simon F. Nørrelykke
Simon F. Nørrelykke
Director, Lecturer

My research interests are mainly methods-oriented and include image analysis (incl. deep learning, spatial statistics, and causal inference), biophysics (broadly interpreted), and complex systems (mostly from a condensed matter physics perspective)