Assil Achour

Assil Achour

Research Intern

Harvard Medical School

Assil is a third-year student pursuing a degree in engineering and computer science at EPITA in Paris, France. He is joining IAC for an 18 week research internship, starting September ‘23

Having started coding since middle school, Assil loves to play with new technologies. In a recent project consisting in creating a Sudoku solver, Assil worked on a neural network capable of recognizing digits. He found it fascinating how these programs, trying to mimic a brain, are able to find solutions to specific problems. “I have always found it fascinating how programming languages, which are transformed into 0s and 1s, can perform tasks and solve complex problems.”

Also, Assil speaks French and English fluently and is always learning about new cultures and languages. He is currently learning Japanese and Spanish using a spaced repetition software called Anki. Having lived in different countries (France, the United States, and Japan), Assil is very curious about cultural differences and believes it is an eye opener that greatly helps in our work and daily lives.

Personal webpage:

  • Bioimage Analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Japanese
  • Computer Science, 2020-present

    EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science